About Me

For the last 33 years I have been heavily influenced by technology and computers. Since the fateful 9/11 I, as many others have, saw my web design business drop to almost nothing and decided that it was time to try to move into something that relies more on interaction with people than with computers and technology.

Massage was something that was always a part of my life. Even as a child going to summer camp, sitting around a campfire in a giant massage circle, I have always known the power of touch, and the effect it can have on the body and mind. As I was growing up I learned that I was unable to wear digital watches, and never really knew why, except that I had a great deal of electricity inside. Now that I have finished my massage program I have realized that this electricity is just energy, and that while the flow of energy though my arms can harm digital watches, it will actually heal people. That is the main reason why I feel so attracted to Reiki. When I do Reiki sessions, I can feel the energy flowing like water through my head and arms and out of my hands.

I used to believe that many of the holistic methods were just nothing more than power of suggestion or hocus pocus, but now that I have learned several of them and have felt their power, I have no other logical choice but to believe they can have a true healing effect.