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Integrated Swedish Massage
Integrating accupressure and reflexology, this massage is perfect for those who want just a little more than a swedish, but not quite as much as a deep tissue, by working on both circulation and the nervous system.

This massage focuses on the hands and feet to relieve nervous tension through the application of finger pressure.

“Reiki” (ray – key) is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy,” the energy found in all things, which applies this energy through gentle touch for the purpose of healing. Reiki is now being used in doctors’ offices to help patients heal faster. More info can be found here.

Chair Massage
Chair Massage is fast becoming the most popular form of professional touch on the contemporary bodywork landscape. Its popularity comes from the fact is is less expensive, takes only a few minutes, and is non-invasive and less embarrassing because you leave all your clothes on. Read more…

Deep Tissue
Intended for clients who have muscle tension from exercise or overuse of a muscle area. Very deep, intense pressure is applied. This massage is meant ony for athletes or people who get massage regularly.

Warm Stone Massage
Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage with smooth, polished Basalt stones. The stones are heated and incorporated into this treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

Package Deals
Buy 5, get one free
6 – 60 min. Int. Swedish Massages – $425
6 – 60 min. D.T. Massages – $500
6 – 60 min. Reflexology or Reiki Massages – $425
6 – 30 min. Chair Massages – $200

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