Reiki Circles

These circles are local to me in Delray, but most are within a half hour. Remember to please always show up at least 10-15 minutes before the start time, so that you don’t disturb the circle once it has started. If you have never been to a circle before, come with an open mind!! People will be walking around you doing what looks like magical things, moving their hands and body through the air as if there were something there, which there is, but you can’t see it!! It’s energy!! It feels wonderful and will make you feel happy inside for days after!! To find out more about reiki, you can search on the internet or take a look at or the original reiki association in the US

Delray Beach Reiki page on Facebook is a great place to go and find out about reiki events in the Delray Beach area. Click the “Like” button below and you will be sent reminders of all the events that get posted.

Lera Chacon’s Reiki Circle (Boca Raton)

Elder Circles

Abbey South Elder Reiki Circle (Delray Beach)

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