Reiki Training

If you are interested in learning reiki, I offer Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training. The cost is $150 for level 1, and $500 for level 2. Group Reiki 1 classes are available at a discounted rate of $100, but you must have at least 5 people that wish to do it. Classes can be done all in one day of about 5-6 hours, or in two days (must be within a week of each other) of about 3 hours each. The level One class includes 4 attunements, history of reiki, learning a table sequence, 2 chair sequences, a self treatment sequence, as well as a certificate from a national organization (as opposed to one printed from a home computer).

Lots of people want to be “reiki masters”, but the truth is that all you really need to do reiki on yourself or others is level 1. Level 2 introduces a few symbols which enhance your abilities, and also teaches you how to do distance healing, so you can truly work on people from thousands of miles away. Level 3, also known as “reiki master teacher”, does not mean you have mastered reiki, but that you have made a choice to be a teacher of it.

So level 1 is all that is really needed to be able to do reiki.. It’s not magic.. you just have to 1) be attuned to reiki by another human, and 2) PRACTICE!! Don’t be impressed just because someone calls themselves a “reiki master”, as I know many level one students, who are much more effective in their reiki than most “reiki masters” because they actually use it on a regular basis. And I recommend, if you decide to learn reiki, take your level 1 class, then practice it for at least 3-6 months.. Then if you have found that you are using it a lot, and feel the need to go further, take your level 2 class.. At that point wait at least a year or two before thinking about whether this is something you use and believe in so much that you want to teach it to others, and then start on your path towards becoming a master teacher. You just can’t truly learn level 1, 2 and 3 all in one weekend.. But again, all you need to do reiki is level 1. And there are plenty of opportunities to experience it before you decide to even do level 1, so I encourage you to try it (by going to a reiki circle) before ya buy it!! 🙂

I am one of 8 nationally certified Reiki Master Teachers in Florida (the only one in the SoFla area) part of The Reiki Alliance, an international group of Reiki Masters sharing a common practice of Reiki known as Usui Shiki Ryoho. The Reiki Alliance was founded in 1983. Members agree to follow a Code of Ethics, stay in touch via newsletters, regional meetings and an annual international conference. Many people wish to know what my lineage is, so starting from Usui, Hayashi and Takata like most, then it goes Phyllis Lei Furumoto (Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter), Timothy Stuetz then myself (which will make your lineage the same level as William Rand, founder of!).

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